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8 Week Home Booty Workout

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IMPORTANT INFO: Do 3x sets of each exercise

I’ve fallen in love with fitness and exercise for over 3 years now as my goal was to lose weight and tone my body. I desired a bigger and more firm booty. I’ve had different routines, and I even made some mistakes along the line.

This is why I came up to share my routine that I’ve been following for a long time, bringing me to this result.

The routines in this book have all been specially tailored to give you a well-rounded workout as long as you follow the routines religiously. With a step-by-step guide, comprehendible instructions, and the motivations provided, these routines are the closest you can get to have a personal trainer right beside you.

 The main goal of this book is to build and strengthen the glute muscles. Aside from the obvious aesthetic value of booty gains, strong glute muscles also help with athletic performance posture, and it also decreases the risk of injuries.

What you get

✔ My exact at-home booty workouts that can be mostly done without equipment*

✔ 24 different exercises for glorious booty gains in 8 weeks

✔ Detailed description with images for each exercise

✔ My top tips for staying motivated

*Equipment needed for this program are bands (in the month two of workout)